Customer Feedback

Andrea and Ian

“We chose Dutchmaid Woodworking to build our custom kitchen cabinets because we heard of their reputation for quality and they had previously built a bathroom vanity for us. We were very satisfied with the way they listened to our ideas and the suggestions they offered in the designing of our kitchen. We discussed ideas to make use of corner space. They showed us an option of two slide out shelves for the corner cabinet that utilized that space efficiently to store pots and pans. Also in the process of deciding on a color, Dutchmaid made several samples till we found the color we wanted. The designers were patient and flexible throughout the process. When it came time to install the cabinets, Dutchmaid was several weeks ahead of their original installation date. The installer was professional and cleaned up each day before leaving. Through our experience we would highly recommend Dutchmaid Woodworking to anyone that wants to work with knowledgeable, caring craftsmen.”

Marilyn & Lavon

“Dutchmaid was very attentive to what we wanted in our cabinets, including Paper towel drawer, Pull out drawer for coffee k-cups, Pull out towel hanger, and 2 door Baking Cabinet. We had a few concerns when everything was installed, and Dutchmaid was very responsive to taking care of the issues. We wanted a cabinet that would fit our needs, and we would give them a 5 star rating!”

Joe & Maria

“We were able to sit down with Dutchmaid and go over all the choices for our cabinets, and we felt they were genuinely concerned and would take as long as we needed to get it right. Visually being able to go over the prints to review was huge for me. We had a special type of Bakers cabinet we wanted, that would store all our my spices, flour, sugar and other things for cooking. They worked to get us exactly what we wanted. We are 100% satisfied with their workmanship and know that they will stand behind their product. I love my kitchen and have had no complaints so far! Blessings Marie”

Jennifer & Eric

“We couldn’t be more pleased with Dutchmaid cabinetry!
At the beginning of the building process, we had the decision between Dutchmaid’s custom woodworking, and another “kit” type cabinet manufacturer. Upon viewing options, quality, and customization we opted for Dutchmaid and couldn’t be more pleased!

I had definite ideas of what I wanted in my home, and the guys helped to fulfill every one of my requests, and then some. From finding the perfect gray stain and wood species for our “vision”, specialized charging drawers, to suggesting functional cubbies and lazy susans that have made our home not only beautiful but so SO liveable! From crazy Pinterest ideas for wrap around shelving units, sliding locker units for my kiddos, to a custom base for the light fixture in the great room- every endeavor taken on with a smile, “we can do that”, and resulting in PERFECTION! They really are wood artists, and it is reflected in their work and the pride they take in it. Biggest rush was watching the craftsmen and craftswomen view their final product placed in our home- checking the drawer slides, corners, etc.. so honored to have these men and womens work in our home!

Naturally, I’m pretty partial, but can’t stop raving about this company and referring them to anyone who may have a need.”

– Jennifer & Eric